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R&D Proposal

In autumn 2010, equipment maintenance branch was established under engineering implementation department to expand the market and capacity in unconventional area other than normal NDT service, e.g. Currently the branch has recruited 16 members. According to the development plan, the branch has been committed to build SG sludge lancing capacity since the beginning. Based on the technical cooperation with SRA SAVAC (France), CITEC has been able to independently manufacture the water circuit system of the sludge lancing equipment. Moreover, CITEC has supplied one set of equipment to Ningde nuclear station, while other two sets under production for Hongyanhe and Taishan. Till the end of 2013, more sets would be supplied to Yangjiang, Fangchenggang and other companies.

The branch has achieved breakthroughs both in technical capacity and service ability during the two years. Rapid technique assimilation from SRA SAVAC stimulates further innovation of the equipment. Two inventions are preparing for patent application. On the other hand, the branch organizes intensive training in sludge lancing equipment operation, which conduces to the success of site service.

Sludge lancing equipment program lays a firm foundation for future development. The branch aims to gain more achievements in other unconventional areas, such as SG tube plugging, helium leak test and valve diagnosis.