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Technical Service

CITEC is a company specialized in ISI & NDT service under CGNPC Group. The main technical branches include UT, ET, RT, VT/PT/MT/LT and equip-maintenance. Through comprehensive cooperation with TECNATOM, CITEC has mastered ISI technique and methodology for various type nuclear power plants, can perform PSI, ISI and varieties of special inspection. Besides supplying service to the plants within CGNPC, CITEC also performs ISI sevice in Spain’ NPP, and provides NDT service for domestic nuclear-manufacturing, petrochemical, aerospace industries ,et,al .

1. PSI & ISI Service

· UT/RT/VT for RPV ;

· VT for RPV head;

· ET & UT for RPV Studs/Nuts;

· ET for SG exchanging heat tubes

· RT SG primary inlet & outlet nozzle safe end welds;

· Manual UT for SG tube sheet & shell welds, manhole studs and manhole ligaments between internal threads;

· VT for SG primary channel head;

· Manual UT for PZR shell welds, manhole studs and manhole ligaments between internal threads;

· RT for PZR shell welds, upper head nozzle welds and surge line nozzle welds;

· VT for PZR Iinternal ;

· CladdingUT/RT/PT/MT/VT/Video & Endoscope inspection.


      PSI projects: Ling’ao phase II, Hongyanhe Phase I, Ningde Phase I, Yangjiang Phase I, Taishan Phase I (EPR units),ISI projects: Ling’ao L301/401/302 Refueling Overhaul, Ningde N100 Outage.

      Supplying Services to foreign nuclear power plants: ET data analysis during SG tubes inspection for Spanish plant Alamaraz unit 1,ET data acquisition and analysis during SG tubes inspection for Spanish plant Asco unit 1.

2. Special NDT and Maintenance service

· ET for condenser titanium tubes;

· UT/ET/VT for RPV bottom-mounted instrumentation(BMI) nozzlepenetrations;

· UT/ET for RPV rod cluster control assembly (RCCA);

· SG Secondary side sludge lancing and video inspection.


     ET for condenser titanium tubes: Ling’ao Phase II, Hongyanhe Phase I, Ningde Phase I SG Secondary sludge lancing and video inspection: Ningde N100 Outage ( 3 SG units)

3. NDT Service for nuclear-manufacturing, petrochemical, aerospace industries

· NDT service for nuclear safety level 1/2/3components in nuclear-power manufactory;

· NDT service for metal parts in petrochemical industry, such as pressure vessel and pressure tubes;

· Application in other industries.


     Siemens gas turbine project: providing NDT inspection service for turbine in shanghai factory:PTM Engineering Plastics Co., Ltd.: ET for heat exchanger,Shanghai Blue Star New Chemical Materials Co., Ltd: ET for heat exchanger, SBW Nuclear Power Company (Shenyang Blower Works Group) : RT for welded seam, China First-Heavy Industry (CFHI) Project :ET for SG tube-expanding simulation, TSC Hafei Project: Cooperating with the equipment R & D assembly team of TE to install and debug the composite material ultrasonic inspection automatic device used on Airbus 320’s tail elevators.