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Our Philosophy


        Our Vision: To build a world-class professional in-service inspection company!

        Through technology transfer, absorption and self innovation, the CITEC is aimed to be an internationally qualified in-service inspection provider with core competence and independent R&D capabilities, providing in-service inspection service to nuclear power plants and other industrial sectors for China Guangdong Nuclear Power Group and other Chinese power utilities, as well as international market.


        To be an internationally recognized company with core competence in ISI service, assuring the safe and economic operation of nuclear power station with mature ISI technique, meanwhile enhancing independent R&D capacity. It includes three implications: Technical Innovation, Talent Cultivation, Customer Value Driven

        Technical Innovation reflects the aim and core task of CITEC. The company forms solid technical foundation and elevates the capacity through technology transfer and innovation.

        Talent Cultivation is a people-oriented philosophy pursing mutual development between the company and its staff. Talent development is the foothold of innovation and it is the most valuable wealth and the source of strength for the company to gain a competency-advantage in the fierce market.

        Customer Value Driven reflects the philosophy to guarantee the safe operation of nuclear power plant with supreme service. It leads into a competency-based operation strategy relying on technical capacity, excellent service and market reputation.

Core Values

        Employee-Oriented, Environment-First, Customer Supremacy

        Employee-Oriented is a value grounded firmly in the productivity characteristic of hi-tech enterprise which relies heavily on human capital. Adhering to the "employee-oriented" value will stimulate employees to arouse their inner drive force during technical innovation. It is conducive for people to follow a self-realization standard to dedicate into the nuclear power business and ISI technique innovation.

        Environment-First reflects the social responsibility of our company, who has a strong sense of protecting natural environment while serving clean-energy-relevant business. Committing to the "environment first" will be beneficial to direct work from a higher perspective of social responsibility and to form the concept of serving the community with technology innovation.

        Customer-Supremacy is the operation aim of our company and shows a direct path to realize its value. Upholding the principle is helpful to establish a market-oriented operation mechanism and a value-realization channel through ISI technical service to improve the safety, reliability and economy of nuclear power plant.

Enterprise Spirit

        Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Excellence-creating

        Inherited from the Group, entrepreneurship has been regarded as a historical responsibility of CITEC. Innovation provides a guarantee for building-to-last, while the excellence-creating spirit leads into continuously-increased service value. Seeking more contribution to the country, society, customer and partner, every employee should carry forward pioneering and indomitable entrepreneurship; develop independent, scientific and pragmatic spirit of innovation; dare to fight for the world-class reputation. These spirits would help cast CITEC into a professional ISI company.

Work Style

        Serious Attitude, Meticulous work-style, Reliability Requirements, Expecting Infallibility.

        Our attitude is serious and conscientious, our manner is thoughtful and painstaking, our requirement is safe and secure, and our target is perfectly safe.

        “The sixteen words guideline” highly generalizes the working style of Citecmen, and concretely reflects the job requirements of CGN “Three Shi Two Ji” in the NPP ISI fields.