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CITEC “RPV NDT Robots” under 863 Program Earn Wild Media Attention


    CGNPC Group held the 2013 Annual R&D Achievements Press Release at Shenzhen convention & exhibition center on November 17th. Journalists from dozens of mainstream Medias attend the press conference, such as People’s Daily, Xinhua Agency , China National Radio, Nanfang Daily, Shenzhen Special Zone Daily, Hong Kong Commercial Daily, and so on. Other participants include students and faculty representatives from Sino-French Nuclear Engineering & Technology Institute of Sun Yat-sen University, as well as professionals from the Group.

    As one of projects under 863 Program, RPV NDT Robot is designed and developed by CITEC and also on display at the conference. Zou Yongping, the general manager from Group R&D Department, deems highly of the Robot, which achieves underwater operation and meets international standards in control and functioning. Specifically, the robot has outstanding performance with more than 10 degrees of freedom. The accuracy of linear positioning is within 2 mm , while main axis rotation accuracy within 0.2 degree.

    Multiple mainstream Medias, including People’s Daily Online, Xinhua Net, etc. reported Mr Zou’s commendation on RPV NDT Robots and fully affirms the dedication of researchers, which greatly enhance the image and influence of CITEC in NDT industry.