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Two CITEC Projects Win CNEA Science & Technology Awards


    On the morning of May 23, China Nuclear Energy Association (CNEA) held 2013 annual industry meeting in Shanghai World Expo exhibition & convention center, at which CNEA science and technology awards ceremony came off.

    Out of 146 candidates through layers of selection, two CITEC applications finally won third prize of CNEA Awards, which are R&D projects on Automation ISI system for key components of nuclear power plants and nuclear level ET probes. Wang Xianbin and Zhao Ruxuan attend the meeting as representatives of the two award-winning projects.

    The achievements in Automation ISI system means less reliance on technology imports and help to reduce the complexity of systems, which actually build a versatile functional and universal platform with independent intellectual property rights. The development of nuclear level ET probes also mitigates the dependency on imports, which created considerable economic benefits by cutting procurement cost. The company has established the ET probe manufacturing system and expects to promote the probes in other industries. The two award-winning products both have served in NDT projects for CPR 1000 units.

    Through the communication, the company has set up further understanding of developments in the field of nuclear energy. Becoming more aware of the cutting-edge technology, the company would put forward new ideas in future R&D work and site-service improvement.